The Devil is in the Details

Well, maybe not the devil, it is a wedding after all, but those special touches can say a lot about the couple’s personality and style. Move over devil and make way for the bride and groom!

There's No Place Like Home - Backyard Weddings

You don't need swans and a fastidious wedding planner named Franz like in "Father of the Bride" to pull off the perfect backyard wedding. Simple touches and plenty of love prove that with a backyard wedding, home really is where the heart is. 

Pretty in Pink

Molly Ringwald isn't the only one who loves pink. With everything from pink flowers to pink sashes to delicate pink meringues, our brides love it too!

Inspiration from a Stylish Fall Wedding at Goldner Walsh Garden and Home

We've photographed a lot of stylish weddings throughout the years, but Bethany and Taurus' wedding at Goldner Walsh , a Pontiac nursery complete with historic greenhouses and an amazing outdoor fireplace, took style to new heights. Mixed flower arrangements, feathers and birds were the perfect accents for this fall-themed day. 

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Scottish Wedding at Addison Oaks - Tara and Matt

With all the kilts, heather and bagpipes, one would easily think Tara and Matt’s Addison Oaks wedding took place in the Scottish Highlands not a park in southeast Michigan.

The beautiful October wedding was filled with Scottish traditions. The groom wore the Clan Campbell tartan kilt and Tara wore heather in her hair, a token of good luck in a Scottish wedding. Following the exchange of vows and rings, Tara was adorned with a tartan sash, signifying that she was now a member of Clan Campbell. The Metro Detroit Police and Fire Pipes and Drums piped the newlyweds out of the courtyard as is tradition to kick off an evening of dancing and fun.

Located in northern Oakland County, an Addison Oaks wedding is the home of the Buhl Estate, an English Tudor-style mansion overlooking a quiet pond in the middle of the park. The perfect setting for a perfect day.

Glass City Wedding at Toledo Museum of Art and Glass Pavilion - Claire and Brandon

Claire and Brandon’s Toledo Museum of Art Wedding and Glass Pavilion Wedding was the perfect balance of classic, modern, whimsy and elegance thanks in part to the architecture and artwork that served as a backdrop for the couple’s beautiful day.

The wedding ceremony took place in the art museum’s Great Gallery with the couple and their guests surrounded by classic works of art. After the ceremony, they descended the steps of the classically columned art museum to a cool and colorful slinky salute. Claire and Brandon then led their guests across the street past an Alexander Calder sculpture into the Glass Pavilion – a postmodernist dream – a curved glass structure that allows the interior and exterior of the building to blend seamlessly. Billy balls added a perfect pop of yellow to the sleek and monochromatic pavilion.

The museum was founded in 1901 by Edward Libbey, owner of  The Libbey Glass Company.  Toledo is known as Glass City and that history was infused into the wedding day with a glass blowing exhibit during the cocktail hour. As the sunny fall day turned into a cool fall night, the party glowed warmly through the shimmering glass.